In the SHOP of “Maison Pitchiline” you can find objects from the whole world but also from nearby.  More than a thousand of references, selected one by one, share the space on the celadon-tint wooden racks.
The aim is to present objects with a meaning, because they are beautiful, or because they are funny, or smart, touching, useful, intelligent, educational…..
Or because they are TASTY – you’ll find a narrow but interesting selection of local wine within good price-frame and a tradition inspired condiment-range with tapenades and pistous created by “Accent of Oc” from Capéstang, but also traditional and natural lollipops from Boudet in Pézenas (what else?)
You can even get a fresh soda.
Maison Pitchiline” is open almost all-year-round, even though Tuesdays are “off-days” and the shop is closed during January.