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Maison Pitchiline - Shop and Bed & Breakfast in Bouzigues

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Shop and Bed & Breakfast in Bouzigues


MAISON PITCHILINE: improbable result of a SHOP and a B&B in BOUZIGUES, situated in the heart of the Languedoc coast line.
On the ground-floor, the SHOP, despite its small surface, shows more than a thousand of references selected one by one on a local or worldwide basis. 
The BED & BREAKFAST’s two individual rooms allow for calm and soft serenity. A “design-added-value” is due to creative recycling of certain pieces of furniture offering them a second life in dignity.
The shared living-room overlooks the dazzling view of the Thau-lagoon, and also shows Avenue Tudesq with Bouzigues seafood restaurants facing the water-front.