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Maison Pitchiline - Shop and Bed & Breakfast in Bouzigues

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In the shop of MAISON PITCHILINE you can find articles from the whole world but also from nearby.

More than a thousand of references, selected one by one, share the space on the racks.

The aim is to offer a selection of items with a meaning, maybe because they are beautiful, or because they are funny, or smart, touching, useful, intelligent, educational ...

You’ll also find a narrow but interesting selection of local wine, basically organic, within a  nice price-frame. 

BOUZIGUES is a village focused on gastronomy through the sea food from Etang de THAU. 
It’s a village that lives and thrives the whole year around, and so does MAISON PITCHILINE.

But to be sure you can always call and check 0033 6 03 25 19 89.